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Know HORIZON and you already know agriculture at its best in Ethiopia, as it indeed represents the new face of large-scale agricultural and agro-processing ventures in Ethiopia and Africa. The Company goes way beyond agriculture proper!, with lines of businesses ranging from modern state-of-the art production of coffee, spices, fruits, vegetables, pulses (haricot bean and soybean), maize and organic honey, we are also at the forefront in the production and supply of processed fruits and vegetables. HORIZON Plantations PLC is also the exclusive owner of the biggest tyre-producing factory in the Eastern part of Africa. As leaders, and in some cases sole players, in the various fields we are engaged in, we are certainly proud of all the best produces we offer to the world in a sustainable and traceable manner.

HORIZON Plantations Plc. is a specialized arm of the MIDROC conglomerate that was established in December 2009. At its initial stage, along with development of green projects, HORIZON Plantations PLC had involved in acquisition of formerly state owned enterprises through privatization, either as a joint venture with the government or in the form of full ownership. It was this combined strategy employed by the Company that positioned our young investment group as a leader in the sub-sector after only five years of its establishment. Over the last five years, HORIZON has grown from a single Company into a group of six enterprises (four plantations and two agro-processing industries) located across the width and breadth of Ethiopia.

The six formerly state owned firms that are currently owned by HORIZON are Bebeka Coffee Estate, Limmu Coffee Farm, Gojeb Agricultural Development, Coffee Processing and Warehouse Enterprise (CPWE), Upper Awash Agro-Industry Enterprise, and last but not least Horizon Addis Tyre Share Company.

Our coffee Plantations, Bebeka Coffee Estate (10,030 hectares) and Limmu Coffee Farm (12,116 hectare) make HORIZON the largest coffee plantation in the world with over 22,000 hectares of land area. In addition, between our two coffee plantations we own more than 50% of Ethiopia’s modern coffee plantation making HORIZON the largest source of traceable and certified coffees out of Ethiopia.

Following the acquisition of these six state enterprises in the sector and beyond, HORIZON is playing a major role in transforming the Ethiopian agriculture and manufacturing sub-sectors. Among others, it is primarily engaged in the development of export-oriented large-scale perennial crop plantations. It is also involved in the production of annual crops to complement the national strategy of food security. The Company is also determined to make appropriate investments in line with its corporate social responsibilities and attain sustainable production in return. Hence, major emphasis is given to the adoption of modern and environmentally friendly production and processing technologies that proved to be effective elsewhere in the world, while ensuring transfer of knowledge to the surrounding community.

Currently, HORIZON is working hard to realize the goal set by the Ethiopian government, i. e. become a strong global competitor in the agricultural production and supply to the world market. Its specialized strategy allows it to focus on a mix of carefully selected high-value and highly demanded agricultural produces for both local and international markets.

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